Saturday, May 26, 2007

New to Consulting

As Cerberus purchases the Chrylser group a number of very experienced individuals are being offered early retirement. I am very likely to one of them, and am excited at the possibility of a second carreer.

I see myself as 3 sided. I have been recognized as an outstanding problem solver, usually starting with large data files and finding out what the data was telling us. I am a proven and experienced team leader, mostly with engineers. I also enjoy the satisfaction of developing new products.

A little about myself:

I rec'd a BS at Michigan State in 1979 and an MSE at The Univeristy of Michigan in 1995, receiving a number of honors in both programs.

Right after MSU I was recruited by Texas Instruments, where I did digital design and semiconductor quality.

Later I spent 10 years in Engineering at Chrysler supervising engineers. I then joined Manufacturing, learning about lean production and doing high level problem solving.

For the last few years I have learned to program SAS, and this coupled with my years of experience using Delphi in my problem solving, has greatly increased my capability. I have applied advanced statistical tools on both manufacturing and sales data. I led a team implementing an internal web site that shows what features on a product cause it to sell faster or slower.

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